Welcome to the Uniqcorn family. You bought an outstanding and unique product which was handcrafted with diligent attention to detail.

You will note that Uniqcorn breeches is easily to maintain – mostly just brushing or wiping the dirt of will do it. All our fabrics are made from high quality fiber compositions, and with a little care they are extremely long lasting and with outstanding shape retention.

Why we use real leather

Our leather is incomparable in its silk-like smoothness and its natural breathability. Unlike faux leather it never looses its elasticity and shape. Our leather comes only from European cattle, it is PCP- and AZO free and EU-certified. The color is eco friendly tanned right through the entire thickness of the leather for durability and style. With use it will inherit its own characteristic look and you‘ll love it for its velvet touch.

Washing & Drying

Machine wash warm separately, zippers up. Us regular hair shampoo, as this will maintain the natural oil of the leather. Never use a standard aggressive detergent. Tumble low. Dry hanging or laying, away from direct sun light or heat, as this can cause the leather to crack. After drying the leather might feel firm – it will immediately soften through body heat. You can also stretch the leather diagonally, this will cause it to smoothen. To keep the leather soft, rub it from time to time on the inside with regular body lotion.

General Care

Even the highest quality woven fabric will suffer due to permanent repeated rubbing (e. g. through jacket fasteners or whips). This can cause the fabric partially to roughen – you can clean those spots carefully with a razor blade.