Equine Ulcer Plus


Supports intestinal health, immune function and healthy skin!

Strong gastric and intestinal tissue is vital for your horse’s health and wellbeing. This tissue may become compromised during times of stress. Clinical research has shown that feeding the Sea Buckthorn berry pulp in Ulcer+ to horses being fed intermittently supports the health of the glandular stomach lining. Additionally, Sea Buckthorn promotes normal healthy digestion and neuroendocrine function and helps to insure a normal immune response.

  • Supports Intestinal Health
  • Neuroendocrine Support
  • Supports Immune Function
  • Healthy Skin
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The EnviroEquine Difference:

Ulcer+ provides a source of Sea Buckthorn berry pulp with exceptional levels of the Omega 7 fatty acid, Palmitoleic acid. Palmitoleic acid is found throughout nature in many plants and is a major constituent of the cells making up the gastrointestinal lining and skin. Only the macadamia nut provides more Omega 7 than Sea Buckthorn berries. This makes Sea Buckthorn berries the most abundant source of Omega 7 fatty acid available to horses. Additionally, Sea Buckthorn berries are a rich source of diverse antioxidants. Feeding the Sea Buckthorn oil in Ulcer+ supports gastric health in horses fed intermittently and is a powerful choice for all horses at risk of gastric upset.

The Sea Buckthorn berries used to make Ulcer+ are grown high up in the Himalayas using organic practices. Hand- harvested employing sustainable methods to preserve the berries, Ulcer+ supports the communities and families where they grow. The Sea Buckthorn berries used in Ulcer+ are 100 percent fair trade.

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For best results shake well and feed Ulcer+ top dressed on feed. Feed 3 oz. twice per day to support gastric health during times of stress. Feed 1.5 oz. twice per day for skin and health maintenance.


Organic Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) pulp 10,600 mg