• Uniqcorn Exceptionnel Equestrian Riding Apparel was born in 2007 while founder, Astrid v. Krenski, a German designer and equestrian sketched her first collection of breeches with the intention to create riding apparel that is functional, stylish, and made from the most high quality materials.

    The v. Krenski family crest, which contains a unicorn, provided the idea for the company’s logo.

    Astrid’s small tailoring atelier quickly grew into a brand with an extensive webstore and a showroom on the famous Neuer Wall Street in the heart of Hamburg, Germany.

    In 2011 the company opened a second HQ in Texas, USA. As a family-operated company, with own ateliers in Germany and the USA, the v. Krenski’s are proud of the unrivaled quality, and the outstanding design and fit of its breeches and apparel.


    Arabian Horse World Magazine: "Exquisite Design".
    Cavallo Magazine: "Perfectly Tailor Made".
    St. Georg Magazine: "The Aston-Martin Among Breeches".
    Reiter Revue Magazine: "Haute Couture. Glamorous".
    Piaffe Magazine: "One-Of-A-Kind".

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